The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Resurrection

The Boulet Brothers' Dragula: Resurrection ★★★★½

SLASHTOBER 2020 - No. 61 

I literally got Shudder for this. I’m so glad I did. I really enjoyed this. I was so excited to see Saint, Priscilla and Victoria again. I loved the grainy shots of the Boulet Brothers standing in the streets, outside the contestants houses in murky silhouettes. Dragula has always had incredible atmosphere and mood. Every episode starts off with a mini horror movie and this docu/movie isn’t any different, rather they are peppered throughout. The floor shows are spread even across the runtime with big bold blood red title cards before each start. It’s just so stylish. I love the music choices for the floor shows as well. It’s really amazing to see how all these artists construct their outfits, concepts and see them in their homes and comfy spaces. What’s really great about them being in their own places, they not only are more at ease but they can choose some amazing locations to really compliment their floor shows. It boosts the story they are telling and it works brilliantly. I just bloody live this franchise. Support alt drag, support local drag. Do yourself a favour and watch all things Dragula. I’m so happy for the winner and so excited to see them back in season 4. Also the ending with all the VHS’ were so awesome, I really loved that bit. Live by the code: Drag, Filth, Horror and Glamour.

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