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  • Pooka Lives!

    Pooka Lives!


    Felt like a modern "bloody Mary" urban legend thing, but instead of talking in the darkness to bathroom mirrors, people on the internet just have to really like something sinister. I would have preferred lots of adorable man-eating grumpy cats myself.

    The slasher content was fun, nothing like a giant pair of scissors through the head. I was a little sad to see my dear Wil Wheaton brought on just to die off so quickly.

  • Virgin Witch

    Virgin Witch


    Redemption blu-ray spine #7 brings a sexy little bit of witchery to the party. The plot comes in a bit late in the run time but the initiation of the virgin witch by deflowering is so hot that I don't care. She gets all sexed up by the oiled high priest while the rest of the coven gets naked and dances around, I loved it. Where can I join a sexy coven like that?!

    On a less sexual note, I…

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  • Dracula



    The most beautiful version of Dracula I've seen, but maybe there's enough adaptations out there. I don't get that fire ring thingy outside the castle though. Would have probably rated it a little higher if someone else played Keanu's role. Yeah, love you, Keanu, but this just wasn't your style.

  • Psychic Killer

    Psychic Killer


    All I had heard before watching this was about dummies being thrown down great heights, which doesn't make the movie sound very exciting. Thankfully, it was sold short and turned out to be pretty good. A guy is wrongfully accused of murder and gets a hell of a gift from a fellow inmate: the ability to kill people with his mind! He goes on a fun little spree taking revenge on everyone who did him wrong, including a butcher who…