Favorite films

  • Ichi the Killer
  • Secretary
  • Love Letters of a Portuguese Nun
  • Hellraiser

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  • You Can't Hurry Love


  • RED


  • The Crescent


  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania


Recent reviews

  • The Comfort of Strangers

    The Comfort of Strangers


    Almost pure mood in the beautiful Venetian alleyways. It's mesmerizing. Christopher Walken goes full Christopher Stalken and is wonderfully unhinged. Love it all.

    Watched with Jason.

  • The Boogeyman

    The Boogeyman


    This is so viciously mediocre that I feel bad for Stephen King having his name on it.

    Watched with Jason.

Popular reviews

  • Cemetery Man

    Cemetery Man


    Jason Recommends 4: the blowing-kitten's-mind edition!

    It seems like every Michele Soavi film I see just ramps up the greatness. I started with The Church, which I enjoyed, but then I saw The Sect and that just blew it out of the water. Everything I could want in my Italian horror experience, a cult, a satanic baby, random plot choices. Now though, I've seen the ultimate Soavi film! This feels like a leftover gift from my birthday yesterday.

    When I…

  • Blood Diner

    Blood Diner


    I liked Blood Feast, but this made me 20x happier that I had seen it beforehand. The levels of silly here almost reach Troma and there are so many obviously fake body parts flying left and right! I appreciate that they didn't go for some fake swirly effect when someone got hypnotized, just a wide eyed stare.

    That ending is just wild, you got lazer beam eyes shooting people and a loud punk song about a stud pony and a…