• Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid


    Made me want to go take up bank robbing, that's how glamourous it feels. Plus I loved the 3-way relationship, ever since I saw Splendor (1999) I've wanted more 2-guy 1-girl formations. To be honest, the true story is okay, they don't even really show the ending unfortunately, but I just love the characters. I wanted to be the girl with 2 fun outlaws eating out at fancy places on stolen cash, heh.

  • The Wrath

    The Wrath


    Takes the common theme of historical class struggles and throws in a curse against the men of a rich family. Nothing amazing, but I have a soft spot for historical Asian horror. I liked the exorcist who was doing his best to try and save the pregnant lead from a really pissy ghost. Felt like Cinderella in spots, with the wicked stepsisters trying to keep the lower-class newest family member in her place.

  • Death Valley

    Death Valley


    Feels like a tiny step up from a Syfy channel original monster movie in story and characters. The monster is okay, but it just feels like it wandered away from Resident Evil. Overall very meh.

  • Psycho Goreman

    Psycho Goreman


    This is insanely fun and really stands out from the crowd of "80s reboots"! It's like if you slapped a sappy kid flick together with gore and practical effect costumes straight out of a Tokusatsu series (or a Gwar music video). The fact that one kid is a straight up psychopath and her brother knows she can end him at any time is perfect, since you get to see the difference in interactions. It's hilarious when the boy she has a crush on is turned into a giant tentacled brain and she doesn't even seem to mind.

    Watched with Jason.

  • Sukkubus



    This is at least my third of these atmospheric mountain-set isolated witchcraft/demon Euro films. I'm starting to think it needs a subgenre title: Folk Mountain or something. 3 really hard-up Alpen herdsmen make a really ugly sex doll that manages to gain life through a demon and fuck with them a whole lot. I love that every interaction with the voluptuous demon involves them trying to jump her bones, including trying to get their bull in on it too. She's a sneaksy one though and she will just disappear or turn back into that doll. Thanks for another oddity, Mondo Macabro!

    Watched with Jason.

  • The Forever Purge

    The Forever Purge


    It's basically "Escape From Texas" and I dig that. It does feel pretty logical that if you give people a taste for killing, there could be some who would like to continue doing so..

  • No Retreat, No Surrender

    No Retreat, No Surrender


    The first time I watched this I went into it expecting a Van Damme movie, I mean, he is on the cover so I didn't think this was crazy or anything. I watched it with my dad, who also enjoys the art of Van Dammage. He does not however like good-bad movies, in his primitive heathen movie-viewing way. I ended up feeling bad for him when Van Damme was featured for about 30 seconds at the beginning, not even as…

  • Timebomb



    I grabbed this when I heard the Shout Factory blu-ray was going out of print. It's a damn shame because this is some awesome 90s shit right here. A watch repairman appears on TV news after a heroic but crazy attempt to help someone in a burning building and people start trying to kill him, think maybe it has something to do with his random violence and nudity visions? A chase action-thriller-scifi with lots of knife play and paranoia. Also features that old cliché of a pretty lady that they put glasses on so that you know she's smart.

  • Gestapo's Last Orgy

    Gestapo's Last Orgy


    This is so cartoonishly over the top in spots that I have to love it. I mean, there is a "Jew steak" cannibalism scene followed by live flambé. The whole sequence where the Nazi boss is trying to break a girl by half heartedly whipping her was just silly. "This will be the worst pain you have ever felt!" *light whip smack that doesn't even leave a mark*, rofl. He had her lowered head-first into a tank of "hungry rats"…

  • For the Sake of Vicious

    For the Sake of Vicious


    Characters are kind of just thrown at you in the beginning and I struggled a little to get who was who straight in my head, but once that's done and you get to the meat here, which is brutal ultraviolence and gore, things get much better. A fine throwback to simpler gory grindhouse fare. See it just for that or beware if you are easily put off.

  • Bathhouse 911: Jellyfish Bliss

    Bathhouse 911: Jellyfish Bliss


    Not really hot, like Sex Hunter 1980, but fun in a melodramatic (and ridiculous in spots) way. A 17 year old girl evolves through the whole dramatic life cycle of a prostitute and a disco-dressed samurai-loving gangster gets all dramatic with a sword on her pimp boss. Some of the more crazy moments along the way include a geeky virgin blaming his early shooting on a ho's tits and slit being misplaced by however many centimeters and a rubber hose…

  • Bloodfist



    Glorious cheese version of Bloodsport meets Kickboxer. I love the mysticism of the whole tile system to pick who fights in each match with tiles broken as fighters get killed off. It's very obvious who the big bad guy in the fighters is since he is waaaay over the top, but that's just part of the fun here. I feel bad for the one or two people in the opening credits who weren't cool enough to have some sort of…