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  • The Umbrellas of Cherbourg

    The Umbrellas of Cherbourg


    I wasn't expecting everything to be sung, yet it didn't take long to grow accustomed to it. Not only does the singing allow for heightened emotions from all the characters, it also seemed to prevent them from ever lying. Unless I missed some key subtext, it seems everyone was upfront about their feelings and intention. That's part of the subtle tragedy of this story as well: there was no malice, no evil antagonists, yet things still didn't work out as…

  • Bullet in the Head

    Bullet in the Head


    An action film with incredible scope. Luckily Woo (and everyone else working on the film) has the talent and craftsmanship to match his ambitions. The story reminded me a lot of The Roaring Twenties, Waise Lee even looks quite a bit like Humphrey Bogart.

    There were times when there was some friction between the bombastic action sequences and the more emotional moment of the film, kind of how in GTA 4 you'd have characters agonize over the Bosnian war between…

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  • Vampyr



    Everything in this movie adds to it's dreamlike atmosphere. From the beautiful cinematography, to the slightly "off" voice recordings, the dream logic of the plot, and the passivity of the protagonist, who mostly just wanders into spaces. I wasn't too bothered by the long texts in the title cards and from the book, as I feel that had this information been relayed in dialogue or voice-over it would have taken away from the films oneiric quality.

    The special effects are…

  • November



    No slow burn or gradual descent into weirdness, November immediately plunges you into the sordid and fantastical world of Estonian folklore. As alien as it all is to me, the movie never feels incomprehensible or absurd, while also never feeling overly expository. The central story is a rather simple one of unrequited love, but that’s exactly the sort of core a grim fairytale like this needs. Surrounding it are a cast of diverse and eccentric characters as well as some…