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  • Incidence of Catastrophe

    Incidence of Catastrophe


    body dreaming
    physical mind
    erosion productivity
    material experience
    linguistic creature
    jungle book
    disrupted socializing
    penetrating intellect
    nightterror source
    water text texture
    word junk

  • Labour of Love

    Labour of Love


    Driven by two character's spiritual living in these our alienated times 'Labour of Love' bathes in the beauty of mundane everyday life not through romanticizing it but by evoking contemplation on its journey. Like its title that is ridiculously apt but comes with more than its conventional meaning which won't be apparent until the end of the film, it also takes the platitude "absence makes the heart grow fonder" and not only makes it strongly felt but also gives it…

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  • Eyes Wide Shut

    Eyes Wide Shut


    As with most Kubrick films there are many ways to approach EWS, there is much to take in, on the first viewing you might wonder what the big deal is. This one perhaps is especially deceptively simple, psychologically it might even seem archaic. What drives the plot, or rather what drives the protagonist(s) are the "mind crimes" of their partner, they are jealous not because of anything the other one did but because of being unfaithful to them in their…

  • Idizwadidiz



    What 'Idizwadidiz' is is the treachery of images, the deceptive nature of visual perception, with many evocative transitions and juxtapositions. Complex images are reduced to a simple shape and color not unlike how the brain falsely morphs infinitely rich visual information into easily comprehensible shapes and colors and motions. The film also explores the opposite case of reading familiar and emotionally resonant conceptions into little more than basic geometric shapes and monochrome colors.

    The first section especially reminded me of…