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  • Bleak Night

    Bleak Night


    This rates among one of best directorial Korean debut's ive seen in recent years,not only did Yoon Sung-Hyun direct he also wrote this superb dramatic look into the dynamics of school friends and the tragic events that will separate them,the way he handles these events and how they gradually unfold are brilliantly told and performed from the excellent young actors to the perfect use of flashbacks that bring this heartfelt story to it's fitting conclusion,Yoon Sung-Hyun is definitely a talent i will be keeping an eye on.

  • Polytechnique



    With its stunning black and white cinematography and perfect performances Villeneuve's depiction of the 1989 Montreal school massacre that left 14 female students dead and numerous others injured hits really hard but handles its disturbing events with such great care and respect,one of the best truth based movies I've seen in a long while superb.