Any Number Can Win ★★★

Although its not quite up to the standards of Melville and Dassin's heist movies this still managed to throw in a few surprises, like the matching of Gabin’s familiar one last retirement job against Delon’s young carefree attitude which worked well especially when they shared scenes, but the middle ground does have a tendency to get bogged down with Delons annoying love interest, the heist itself a takedown of a large Cannes Casino plays out fine especially in its explanation of the setup but when it gets down to the actual deed there are more than a few crazy plot holes that no matter how tense the execution and build-up is you just come away feeling a bit cheated, its end playout is also a real WTF moment that left me stunned and I really still can't get my head around the decisions that where made, all in all its enjoyable enough and just gets by with bringing these two great cinema icons to the screen.