Paris, Texas ★★★★½

Must be on my 5-6th viewing of this by now but this is a first timer on Blu, and the opening scenes sure do sell it with its vast Texan sky and broken landscape, and in the way the camera glides over these shattered rocks focusing on the old red cap of a solitary man who looks like he’s been to nowhere and back, when the camera finally settles onto the worn bearded face of the late great Harry Dean Stanton it for me becomes just one of those great magic cinematic moments, accompanying these first shot’s is that unforgettable and distinctive sound of Ry Cooder’s eclectic slide guitar it sets the time pace and feel of the whole movie, if ever a sound fits a movie and surroundings this is it.

Wonderfully written by Sam Shepard it carries that feeling of simplicity by the way of the classic Road movie but through its heartfelt interactions and monologue’s this one digs and delves deeper into the backstories and emotions of all the wonderful characters involved, it’s a wonderful journey to take part in and features some striking dialogue especially towards the end of the movie between its lost lovers Stanton and Nastassja Kinski, it really is so wonderfully written and flows so lyrically giving it an almost songsmith feel, A film of real honest beauty dealing with lost time and a lost love destroyed through rage and jealousy to the tying the bonds of parenthood trying to make all these things right again.

This was Harry Dean’s 100th movie and his first main role, he sure left his mark in creating one of the best films of the decade and one of the best road movie’s of all time.

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