The Man Who Killed Don Quixote ★★★½

With a film that has gone through so many production problems over the space of nearly 30 years well it left me more than a bit dubious about even watching it, but yep pleased I did even after its very uneven and shakey first 20 mins where we follow struggling director (Adam Driver) running out of ideas and inspiration for his new film, once passed this point though it does open up quite nicely especially with its offbeat humour and oddball characters, the film is chocablock of those Gilliam eccentricities talking wine vessels, shining knights in armour and dumb giants that Gilliam somehow always manages to blend in so well into his fables, it also at times looks excellent with its Spanish vista’s rundown castle’s and vibrant banqueting rooms, the biggest downfall is that it doesn’t work all the time and really could have easily shaved 20 mins off it’s 130min runtime as some scenes and playouts really do slow the pace down a bit, but as I say overall I pretty much enjoyed it especially the look of the film and the performances from Driver and the wonderful Jonathan Pryce who plays the gangly and eccentric Don Quixote brilliantly.

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