The Irishman

The Irishman ★★★★★

Almost a month ago, I started a Scorsese marathon, as i had never seen films like Kundun, Boxcar Bertha, Hugo etc and felt that I wanted to give the rest of his films a chance so since then I've watched all 25 of his films, and this was my last one of the 25. This is his best. A deep, reflective and personal exploration of guilt, loss, betrayal and loneliness. Scorsese utilises so many techniques to show everything; every emotion and thought is shown, never explicitly either. Sound, editing, camera work, dialogue and acting all are at their very possible best. This film is a perfect example of how a film is made by what you include and what you exclude, by that i mean that the precision of every single moment is fine-tuned to convey exactly what needs to be conveyed and it does so with a very subtle and low-key approach. The excess of The Wolf of Wall Street and flare of Casino are non apparent. The film is much more reflective and almost meditative. Feelings are left to settle. Every pinnacle moment of the film is built up to for a long while, and then when its done, it just lingers. left there to soak in the viewer's mind almost. The last 40 minutes are just that. An epilogue of sorts, where we just process the consequences of the film. Im babbling but to conclude, its my favourite Scorsese film. its deep, engaging, looks great, is never boring and is extremely rewarding.

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