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  • mother!



    One of those rare instances where allegory BECOMES the story itself. Jennifer Lawrence is the emotional anchor of a film that will challenge and perhaps shock your sensibilities as a moviegoer, even if you’re a jaded bastard. Lawrence plays the unnamed “Mother”, whose humble intention at the beginning of the film is to make a “paradise” out of the idyllic country home she shares with her literary husband (Javier Bardem). In true genre tradition, things begin to unravel as strangers…

  • It



    I went into this with baited breath and more than a dash of uncertainty, because on any given day King’s novel is my favorite book of all time. And praise be to Tim Curry’s original performance as Pennywise, but the ABC miniseries was, rather objectively, a limp-dick rendition of a truly terrifying novel. So did director Andy Muschietti (and writer Cary Fukunaga, despite his leaving the project) deliver? Hell yeah! Will this go down as my favorite horror movie? Probably…

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  • Heat



    One of the coolest movies ever made and a masterpiece of the crime genre, Michael Mann has never been better. Furnished with the director's trademark gritty urban style, Pacino and De Niro making every movie geek's dream come true with an unforgettable onscreen rivalry, intense action scenes that take you into the fray like very few movies can, and an amazing supporting cast across the board ... What else can be said that hasn't been already? If you haven't seen…

  • Whiplash



    aka When The Little Drummer Boy Met The Big Bad Wolf. A relentless, emotionally draining case study in personal ambition meeting the cold harsh reality of what it takes to achieve greatness. J.K. Simmons is Terence Fletcher, a beast of a man who runs his crash-course in perfecting the art of jazz like a drill sergeant. Fuck Mr. Holland – this is an R. Lee Ermey level of intensity with a baton instead of a rifle. Miles Teller is Andrew…