Singing to Myself ★★★★

Written and directed by my fellow PE Islander Harmony Wagner for a measly $1000 (and CANADIAN money, at that), it shows that compelling characterization and efficient directing goes a long way toward making up any budgetary deficit. An inspiring lesson in economical storytelling, I couldn’t be prouder of what Harmony achieved with this. The story centers on Iris (Sophie MacLean), a hearing-impaired young woman with a troubled home life and an isolated existence, and follows her burgeoning friendship with Celeste, her spontaneous and quirky new co-worker who moonlights as a singer (Bryde MacLean – no relation, according to the promotional material, lol), and who gradually brings Iris out of her shell. Filled with all the awkwardness, joys and tribulations that the modern friendship brings with it, it’s also an interesting glimpse into Island life from a socioeconomic point of view, examining issues like underemployment in a terminally seasonal workforce. Overall, just extremely well done given the time and money constraints.