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  • Samurai Rebellion

    Samurai Rebellion


    It's not as perfect as Harakiri, but nearly. It's also written by the same writer so it's no surprise that there are some similarities between the two.

    I almost want to take half a star off the rating, because I felt somehow deceived by the beginning. It seemed to set it up as a bit of a hangout movie, where we see the friendship between these two samurai, but then one of them ended up appearing only briefly every now and then, offering confusing advice. But those must have been confusing times as well.

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody Knows


    I think it's a great film, but I think maybe it could have been shorter. It never gets boring, but it's a lot of the same thing and at the same time doesn't seem to explore things that would have been interesting. Like the landlord is almost ignored. I guess Kore-eda wanted to show how ignorant people can be of tragedies happening around them, but I don't know if it required this much running time.

    Also I didn't think like…

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  • Ema



    Going to upgrade my rating by half a star. It's still as incomprehensible, beautiful and mysterious as before. But I think I got a few steps closer to understanding.

    From the beginning all the plot points are made very plain, but something strange is always lurking about. On first watch I had thought that there is some non-linearity, but actually it's all totally linear.

    It's a really beautiful film with great music and a character that at least I haven't…

  • Jaws



    Some scenes in the beginning left an impression that it was not the cinematic masterpiece I had always imagined, but it certainly got really good after about 20 minutes.

    Interesting that I had marked it as watched before, but actually I had never seen this. But I had heard so much about it that it felt like I’d seen it. I probably saw a sequel.