Tara Wilson Redd

Tara Wilson Redd


-YA author
-classic film enthusiast
-if I watched 2-4 terrible movies on the same day, I was probably on a plane

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  • Tampopo



    I took away a star for the turtle.

  • Joker


    I really thought it was just...fine. For all the publicity, it was really just kind of OK. And while King of Comedy is a great movie that I happened to find too squirm inducting to watch, this was kind of like that but without a reason for me to watch it.

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  • The Barbarian

    The Barbarian


    I'm not sure how to rate something that has such obvious rape-y problems and some select redeeming elements. Pre-code Myrna Loy? 5 Stars. Very distressing portrayal of race? A ridiculous parade of rape-y elements? Endless stalking? Minus many stars, depending on how much of this you're willing to take as "of its time."

    But my god, that bathtub.

  • Of Human Bondage

    Of Human Bondage


    I enjoyed this more than I think it deserved, honestly. I thought it was shot so beautifully, taking such advantage of Bette Davis's face, and that the tragically repetitive, circling plot kind of worked, for the hammer-loud point the film seemed to be making.