Tara Wilson has written 4 reviews for films rated ★½ .

  • Joker



    I really thought it was just...fine. For all the publicity, it was really just kind of OK. And while King of Comedy is a great movie that I happened to find too squirm inducting to watch, this was kind of like that but without a reason for me to watch it.

  • The Squall

    The Squall


    This was, to say the least, real rough. I'm not sure they rolled in enough literal hay, for one thing. Other reviewers have noted the beyond awful script. If you came for Myrna Loy, just save yourself and turn off the sound.

  • Patema Inverted

    Patema Inverted


    How is this not based on a video game?

  • The Barbarian

    The Barbarian


    I'm not sure how to rate something that has such obvious rape-y problems and some select redeeming elements. Pre-code Myrna Loy? 5 Stars. Very distressing portrayal of race? A ridiculous parade of rape-y elements? Endless stalking? Minus many stars, depending on how much of this you're willing to take as "of its time."

    But my god, that bathtub.