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  • Amsterdam



    More timely fash bashing that makes a not so subtle connection between the past and present. This one is open to all kinds of readings which I will leave to folks who have more space to write about it.

    It's quirky and feels like it fell off the Coen Brothers or Rian Johnson medicine show train, which is great because it might be a slog otherwise. As it is, it is gorgeous fun which doesn't take itself too seriously even though it does take itself deadly serious. If you know what I mean.

  • Triangle



    Man, I don't know. Somehow watched this back to back with Tenet so I got a time-bending double-feature I wasn't planning on. This is plenty effin' weird I will give it props for that, but the end just doesn't completely land and the metaphysical implications feel both thin and heavy-handed.

    However, there are some great brain pretzel moments and trully weird images, so it's got that going for it.

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  • Sicario



    What with this film and the way Narcos is surging on Netflix, you could almost imagine that the cartels are taking an old school Hollywood approach to propoganda. They do have plenty of money to throw around don't they?

    Anyway, none of this should besmirch this excellent follow-up to the equally excellent, but underrated, "Prisoners". Part Traffic, part Syriana and part Heat this is a hard dark look at the murky goings-on between American agencies and crime cartels. Whether or…

  • Lost River

    Lost River


    In case you haven't noticed, Cannes stopped being a reliable arbiter of cinematic quality over a decade ago. If not before that. There's plenty of great stuff that gets the oak leaf nod, but many more that are far less deserving. It's almost as if there are other factors than filmic talent at play. Imagine!

    Anyway, the smart person's game has not been to follow the "winners" of Cannes, but rather the panned and despised. Especially since many of these…