Baden Baden

Judging the film by its poster I'd have guessed this would be an irritating mumble-core indie drama. It kind of is, but I liked it. It treads a lot of the ground that many indie debuts do, with a protagonist who is relatively normal, has ordinary problems, but is very mildly eccentric.

Like all films structured in this way there's a bit of drudgery but some really outstanding moments. I loved the speeding scene where Ana is singing along to a song with absolutely brilliant lyrics. The brief relationships Ana has were more compelling to me that the more concrete ones. The woman who she meets near the end, Amar the construction worker. I found it really hard to tell apart Boris the artist and her other friend with similar hair, for example.

The reference to FRANCES HA in the Mubi bio is pretty spot on, but it also made me think of Mia Hansen Love's work, particularly GOODBYE FIRST LOVE.

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