Tenet ★★★½

It would be being disrespectful if this movie wasn’t rated highly. This movie is a lot to take in and understand, for that I understand if the average viewer doesn’t get it or hates it (people usually hate things they don’t understand). The music, editing, and the acting are all spectacular. The screenplay is super well thought out and the special effects/ action sequences are unlike anything anyone will ever see. This movie is dynamic, interesting, and has so much depth that you will be left speechless.

Although this is not a perfect film.
The plot is very complicated. As someone who thinks lots about paradox’s, reality, and the concept of determinism I understood most of what was happening. Although, in the first act everyone speaks way too quickly to understand what exactly everyone is talking about. At times the foley/music are too loud so you can’t hear people speak. I wish I had the options for subtitles because genuinely some scenes I only heard and understood a few sentences (maybe it was just the IMAX or the theatre I was in but).
For normal scenes at times the cuts are jarring and don’t follow continuity.

Overall, For someone to look at this movie and think it’s too much or too confusing, I truly feel sorry for you. If you can’t catch up with the plot do what they do in the movie and rewind back. The concept for the script and it’s execution is honestly mind blowing.

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