Army of the Dead

Army of the Dead ★★★


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Army of the Dead is a blast. I wasn’t too excited for this film but once I saw it’s trailers I started looking forward to it, I’m not a huge Zack Snyder fan but the seemingly crazy action and fun style to it had me excited. As predicted this film delivers basically everything you would expect from a high stakes zombie/heist film, it’s goods and it’s bads. The opening sequence of Las Vegas amusingly but eerily being taken over by zombies was such an engaging sequence that convinced me what I was getting into was going to be awesome. Soon after that the exposition and stale world-building kicked in but during the second and third act that promising feel brought up during the opening sequence bursts in with some unbreakable energy. 

This film is the equivalent to getting excited looking at pictures of fast food on a menu then ordering that exact thing you saw on the menu and proceeding to love eating it. This film is my double patty cheeseburger with grilled onions and grilled mushrooms. The plot is good it’s a predictable but very entertaining story. The story consists of so many of these zombie movie cliches but regardless it still manages to come off as fresh. It’s a story where the stakes genuinely feel high and the nature of characters one by one getting picked off is unpredictable. 

All of the characters were very one dimensional and frequently inconsistent but for the most part they sure were fun to follow throughout the film. The more I think about it the more I realize that this film may be a ripoff (or heavily inspired by) of James Cameron’s Aliens but that doesn’t effect my view on it. There is a lot of big flaws with the story the biggest ones being that there is a handful of ambitious choices that didn’t work well and there was quite a few disjointed tonal shifts that were pretty noticeable. Also the overly sentimental cliches that were there in attempt to get the audience to care about the characters were worn out.

 The pacing is decent theres surprisingly some slow bits throughout the first act but for the most part it’s well paced and engaging. Well over an hour and half of the film could have been cut though. This film would have been perfectly fine as an 105 minute film or even a short limited series. The acting is pretty good Dave Bautista gives a pretty good performance. He must be loving his career right now because he’s been in a lot/been cast in a lot of films recently. His acting style is a little on the nose and I get why people dislike him but I personally love him as an actor. Ella Purnell, Ana De La Regura, Omari Hardwick, Raul Castillo, Theo Russi, and Tig Notaro give decent supporting performances as well.

 The direction is very good from Zack Snyder, the studio gave him full creative freedom to make some ambitious choices and use his slow motion, gory action-like style with ease. Watching this film reminded me I need to watch the supposedly fantastic Zack Snyder’s Justice League. The script isn’t that good it’s an overstuffed and underdeveloped script that consistently felt too heavy. The cinematography and editing are way too muddled too. The action sequences are all engaging and exciting especially the very bloody ones during the third act. The comedy is okay none of the jokes make you directly laugh but a handful of them certainly brought a grin to my face. Some of the jokes/gags were honestly annoying though. The ending is a fun cliffhanger that leaves you interested if there’s going to be a follow up. Overall while it has a ton of problems Army of the Dead is chiefly a good ol mindlessly violent and memorable action film that’s very enjoyable. 

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