Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★½


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Don’t Look Up is a problematic but entertaining movie. With this film showing up everywhere you look on Netflix and Letterboxd I knew I would end up rewatching it sooner than later. Like I mentioned in my first review I fully expected mixed reactions from audiences and now that’s it’s officially released my predictions have been confirmed as a flood of conflicting opinions over this film have appeared over the past few days. While I absolutely understand where all the negative reviews are coming from and as much as I seriously debated on bumping my rating down to three stars, I’ve decided just to move it down on my 2021 ranking instead, I still maintain most of my thoughts on this film that I formed upon my first viewing. The cast is really fun, it’s constantly enjoyable even with an overlong runtime, and Nicholas Britell’s score is genuinely incredible. I’ve been listening to tracks from the score on Spotify since I first saw it and the stressfully jazzy score is quickly  becoming one of my favorites of the year. This film is set in stone to be a huge Oscar contender and while I don’t necessarily support the film as a whole in it’s race, I’m absolutely behind the score getting a nomination. Overall Don’t Look Up is admittedly a downright mess in the conveying of its tones and consists of many other flaws but for me it’s generally a fun film that hold its own amongst other political satires. 

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