Enola Holmes ★★★


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Enola Holmes is a flawed but fun movie. I wasn’t planning on watching this to be honest but out of the blue I decided that I should. While this wasn’t anything unique or original it was a very entertaining and enjoyable experience. The plot is decent it’s a (sort of) predictable but entertaining story. The pacing is good it never feels slow or boring. The acting is good Millie Bobbie Brown gives a fun performance. Between this and Stranger Things I’m becoming a fan of her. Henry Cavill gives a pretty good supporting performance as Sherlock Holmes. He makes a good Sherlock and I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing him play the role again. The direction is okay from Harry Bradbeer and Jack Thorne’s script is okay as well. The cinematography is fine but nothing special. The costume design and production is really good, this is a surprisingly good looking film. The comedy is decent most of the comedy comes from the fourth wall breaking scenes but the jokes/gags didn’t always land. The ending feels very rushed and predictable. Overall Enola Holmes is a solid film with many flaws but is still an enjoyable and memorable experience. 

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