Groundhog Day ★★★★


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Groundhog Day is a great movie. To celebrate the amazing holiday, Groundhog Day I wanted to rewatch this film because I hadn’t seen it from start to finish in years. I had honestly forgotten how much fun and genuinely well done this film is. The plot is great it’s a very entertaining and engaging story. It’s such an interesting concept that never gets old to think about. I’m sure that I’m not the only one who always ponders about what I would do in a situation like that when ever I watch a time-loop film. Also the story brilliantly balances well adjusted romantic aspects, humor, and serious moral themes very well. There is a handful of flaws the biggest ones being that there is a couple of plot holes and plot points that could have been better developed. The pacing is great since it’s such an entertaining story there isn’t a single slow or uninteresting moment. 

The acting is great Bill Murray gives a great performance. Murray has an undeniable charm that makes his character such a likeable character who can’t help but be engaged with throughout the whole film. Andie MacDowell gives a good performance she plays a lively and amiable character very well. Chris Elliott, Stephen Tobolowsky, Brian Doyle Murray, and Maria Geraghty give good supporting performances as well. I like to think Ned Ryerson was influenced by Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. The direction is great from Harold Ramis, he nailed the film’s tone with his smart and well fitting directional choices. The script is fantastic it’s a witty and fresh script full of memorable pieces of dialogue. The cinematography and editing are good as well. The humor is great besides a few jokes that didn’t land well most of the jokes/gags were pretty hilarious. The ending is a heartwarming ending that leaves you completely satisfied. Overall Groundhog Day is a very well executed and intelligent comedy that stands the test of time. 

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