Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★½


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Halloween Kills is a messy movie. I was pretty excited going into this film and went into it hoping it to get another well made film that’s respectful to the original vision touched upon in the first but unfortunately that’s not exactly what happened. This film certainly missed an opportunity to continue what could have been a good reboot trilogy, I’m already in the mindset next year’s Halloween Ends will be like this one but then again I could be wrong only time can tell, and presented this messy horror romp that may just be one of the most disappointing blockbusters of the year. The film is way too frantic and jumpy to even capture that signature sinister tone that made previous feel so much like it belonged with the original. There’s a couple of redeeming qualities such as the many memorable kills and the fact that the film is very entertaining for the entire runtime. This film is filled to the brim with the types of brutal, when I say brutal I mean absolutely brutal, kills that make you flinch with how sudden and bloody they are. Michael lives up to the mainstream expectation of going on a massive killing spree but this time around sets a new solid reputation of being an inhuman destroyer that will stick with fans of the character. It’s crazy how much the creators are going to have to explain about how Micheals been able to survive the impossible, they could chop off his head and he’d still slowly walk around swiping at everyone. 

The plot is okay it’s a fun but inconsistent story. First I’ll start off by saying it’s nice to see a horror film where all the people/the characters actually believe Micheal exists and want to do something to help, maybe that’s a reason why it feels so modern. The story uses the manipulation but vividly effective trick of throwing multiple references and bringing back old characters from the original to stir up nostalgic feelings. Also the film occasionally makes you feel the seriousness of the situation through the urgency addressed by the characters so many times. There is a lot of big flaws with the story the biggest ones being that the characters make a abundance of stereotypical idiotic decisions and most of the plot points felt very forced. Also all the messages on society were really muddled and poorly dealt with. The pacing is great since it’s such an entertaining story there isn’t a lot of slow or boring moments. 

The acting is decent Jamie Lee Curtis gives a decent performance. She does fine in the role as always but really needed some more screentime to pack a punch like she did the previous film. Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Dylan Arnold, Robert Longstreet, Anthony Michael Hall, Scott MacArthur, and Michael McDonald give okay supporting performances as well. It was fun to see Jim Cummings in the opening sequence too. The direction isn’t that good from David Gordon Green, he fails to recreate the sense of terror brought to the table in the previous film and it almost felt like he took a step back to let the film unfold by itself. The script isn’t that good it’s a convoluted and extremely repetitive script that doesn’t have many redeeming qualities. The scares are all mostly effective but that may only be because of the crazily brutal kills. The ending is a frustrating ending that leaves more questions than answers or even any satisfaction with the cliffhanger that occurred. Overall Halloween Kills is an enjoyable but primarily jumbled horror film that by the end of it leaves you to reflect on what you just watched and wonder how it could have better, let’s hope the final film isn’t as disappointing. 

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