Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★½


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Sound of Metal is a powerfully entertaining movie. Ever since this film started to get positive reviews I started to build up pretty high expectations. Although I went into this with high expectations I honestly didn’t expect for this to become one of my favorite films of the year. The plot is great it’s a gripping and powerful story. It’s a story that’s intensely realistic and full of authentic raw emotion. The film does a great job of making the audience experience what Ruben is having to go through and feel what the people around him are having to experience too. The story is full of themes that feel simple and metaphorical at the same time, it’s truly brilliant how the plot was executed. The only major flaw with the story is that there is a handful of scenes that feel like they were added just to make the runtime longer.

 The pacing is great since it’s such a gripping story there isn’t a single slow or uninteresting moment. The acting is fantastic Ruz Ahmed gives a fantastic performance. His performance was easily the most surprising part of this film. His performance was full of passion and untapped energy. Oliva Cooke gives a fantastic supporting performance. Amed and Cookie had really good chemistry and their relationship felt believable. Paul Raci and Mathieu Amalric give good supporting performances as well.

The direction is great from Darius Marder, it’s very impressive that this was only his second time directing because almost all of his directorial choices felt strong and carefully thought out. I’ll be looking forward to see what he does in the future. The script is good it’s a well written and memorable script although some of the dialogue can feel generic at times. The cinematography is fantastic this film is full of deft shots (especially in the first act) while also having an array of wide edifying shots. A handful of the shots beautifully capture the essence of the immense emotions the characters feel. The editing is fantastic it’s smooth and memorable editing that matches with the tone of the story well. In terms of the Oscars it’s almost destined that this film will get majority overlooked by the Academy. The ending is such a peaceful and emotionally fulfilling ending that leaves you completely satisfied. Overall The Sound of Metal is a engagingly impactful film that brilliantly manages to maintain a soft yet hefty tone; it’s definitely one of the best films of the year. 

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