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  • The Hills Have Eyes

    The Hills Have Eyes


    A very good horror film verging on the edge of greatness. I think some of the movie crosses the line into absurdity even by the movies own logic, and some of the acting is pretty rough. Not to mention the amount of screaming which I tolerate less and less every day. Still pretty good though, much better than Craven’s first feature.

  • Hard Eight

    Hard Eight


    I really loved this movie, absolutely gripping story from start to finish with fantastic characters, great acting, and intriguing cinematography. I usually prefer a much more natural feeling camera (Ford, Kazan, Eastwood) but the camera was all over the place here, but I really liked it. I didn’t realize that this was his first feature, I don’t think I like it more than Boogie Nights but this was absolutely a solid entry from him. Also love the heavy handed My…

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  • Mommy


    Baffled at the love this movie has received. Everything from the dumb indie aspect ratio to the unlikeable characters, to the borderline embarrassing plot of this film is just atrocious. 

    There are two scenarios for this film. The mother is an arrogant fool who thinks she is better for her violent mentally unstable child than trained medical professionals. OR this violent, sexually assaulting douche bag of a child isn’t mentally ill and he’s just a terrible person. I don’t see how either of these are acceptable or enjoyable plot arch’s.

    Completely overrated.

  • East/West



    This was very bad. An inaccurate portrayal of everything that happened. The only redeeming quality is the guy from Брат.