Hunger ★★★★

My experience watching Hunger can best be described as an hour and a half spent completely mesmerized by filmmaking of brazen assuredness and clarity of vision. This is most evident in the virtuosic central scene featuring a 17-minute single take, but it's also made clear in so many other ways - the main subject of the film is not seen until almost 30 minutes in, there is very little said (very little needs to be said), both sound and silence are used extremely effectively, the pacing is slow, deliberate, and creates tension. etc. etc. The visual compositions are, of course, beautiful - brutally beautiful. I found elements of the final sequence a bit heavy-handed, but forgivable.

What I found most interesting about that 17-minute scene is that I really couldn't believe that the camera was not doing a slow track in. Spending the first five minutes on bullshit, and then really getting into it, I was so drawn in that I really thought we were getting closer and closer (maybe it was just my nose getting closer to the TV).

Excellent performances - Fassbender was amazing, Liam Cunningham as well (although I couldn't help thinking that he didn't quite quite hold his own against Fassbender, seeming to stumble ever so slightly).

Still, I'm not sure that it feels totally like a full film, and instead just a longer experimental art piece.

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