Seven Chances ★★★★½

hoo boy that was some racist shit in there.

Even in a film from the 1920s, it's hard to ignore those scenes with a man in blackface played for a laugh, or a joke based solely on the fact that Buster would ask any woman to marry him out of desperation, but not a black woman. At least no one in the theatre laughed during these moments.

The rest of the film was utterly delightful though. I saw this as part of a double feature with Go West, and I thought for sure that I would like the other better. But Seven Chances was just chock full of visual gags and wonderful stunts and really charming humor, and I loved it. Unfortunately tainted by the racism of the times, Seven Chances otherwise feels wonderfully fresh and inventive today. Definitely understandable if you can't get past those scenes, but I still left happy, with a renewed (if also slightly reserved) love of Buster Keaton.

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