Tucker and Dale vs Evil ★★★★

What a pleasant surprise. An enjoyable, smart comedy that spoofs the horror movie trope of the crazy redneck killers hunting college co-eds. As far as horror comedy goes, it's less scary than Shaun of the Dead (or Hot Fuzz for that matter), but close to the same level of fun.

I do have some mixed feelings, however. On the one hand, I fully agree with Mr. DuLac - "it would still be hilarious even if it were just called Tucker & Dale's Vacation Home." Tyler Labine and Alan Tudyk carry this film 100%. The characters of Tucker and Dale are great, I really loved them and their friendship, and Labine and Tudyk gave really funny and surprisingly touching performances. The success of the movie is entirely due to them (Katrina Bowden was fairly terrible). I didn't really care for the extra plot element (the evil); while "vs. Evil" makes for a catchy title, the last part of the movie didn't really work for me.

But on the other hand, I do recognize the need for something more, some greater conflict, so I understand why the evil was added. And I'm not sure what the greater conflict could have been instead, so.

Either way, well worth a watch.

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