X-Men: The Last Stand ★★★

Ugh. I'm like two weeks behind on my reviews, partly because I've been away for a whole week, and partly because I don't want to write anything about this movie for fear of ridicule.

I like it. I maybe really like it. I think it's totally not bad. Yes, I know that pretty much everything about the film is weak - the characters are bare outlines, the acting isn't great, and the story seems smashed together and clumsy - but I saw it in the theatre, couldn't believe how fast the time flew by, and was very entertained. This time, I put it on to have something in the background while doing laundry, so it was serviceable for that purpose.

I also don't believe that liking this movie means that you can't be a true comics fan (or a true movie lover). Yes, I am a fairly recent comics reader. I have not read the Dark Phoenix saga, but I have read Whedon's run with the Gifted arc. But I love the X-Men (I'm even currently reading 4 X titles). Ever since stumbling upon the animated series as a child, I have loved the X-Men and what they stand for. The movies will never touch the complexity of characters that are developed over decades (OMG Colossus). Shit, I don't even think Nolan's Batman even really scratches the surface of the complexity of that character. Of course this movie could have been better, but I still think it's pretty fine as it stands.

So there. It had been a while since my last viewing, and I don't really love it anymore, but I will still probably pop it in the DVD player, some future Saturday while doing laundry.

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