• Godard Mon Amour

    Godard Mon Amour



    a biopic sometimes ironic sometimes comic on the love of jean luck and anne wiazemsky, but the great focus is the 'fall' of godard, portraying him as a vain, selfish, pretentious and false revolutionary. nonetheless, the hazanavicius direction becomes exaggerated, trying to capture the nouvelle vague in an excessive stylish approach and full of empty figures. why insist on the broken glasses? at the end, i guess the film is the real pretentious one.

  • The Ritual

    The Ritual



    don’t be afraid of the wilderness

  • Oriented




    at a certain point, one of the friends says 'no one knows where we belong' - expectations and reality in a conflict area,
    the world by itself

  • Tomcat




    who are u?
    searching redemption after an unfortunate and violent event

  • Night on Earth

    Night on Earth



    March Around the World: United States of America

    To wrap up a month of international films, I decided to watch Jim Jarmusch's anthology celebrating to the world, and the chance connections we can share with strangers from different walks of life, even if only for a 20 minute cab ride. There's something kind of magical about being alone in an empty city at night. The only people awake tend to be on the fringes, but all lead rich lives filled…

  • Yeelen


    Darkness Lingers


    Film #30: Around the World in 30 Days (March 2018 Challenge)

    Country: Mali

    Time to wrap up this challenge with one last film from this year’s mandatory continent. Hailing from Mali, Yeelen follows the journey of a young sage on a quest to bring a special item to his blind uncle. He does this in the hope that he can stop his evil father, who is traveling far and wide with (I kid you not) a magic pole wanting to…

  • The Prefab People

    The Prefab People

    holiday puffin


    March (In April) Around the World 2018

    25/30: Hungary

    Bela Tarr's earlier works, while entirely distinct and barely recognizable from what he would eventually make and be known for, are still brutally devastating. Later Tarr focused more on greater philosophical and religious ideas, framed with expressionistic or apocalyptic visuals. Films like Family Nest, The Outsider, and The Prefab People are much more grounded in reality and in the spontaneity of the modern world. I think there's a beauty to both…

  • Cairo Station

    Cairo Station



    Film #30 of March Around the World 2018 - Egypt.
    Surprisingly, a lot of the social commentary in this still feels relevant. Felt a little long considering the 77 minute runtime but the last quarter or so really made up for it. The ending and how Qinawi was handled was especially great.
    A solid choice to wrap up my March Around the World challenge.

  • Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior

    Ong Bak: Muay Thai Warrior




    Bonus film #2 in my March Around The World | 2018 Challenge (Thailand)

    This martial arts action film from Thai writer-director Prachya Pinkaew marks the first installment of his Om-Bak trilogy starring Panom Yeerum aka 'Tony Jaa.' After this film won the Action Asia Award at Deauville's Asian Film Festival and the Orient Express Award at Stiges - Catalonian International Film Festival, work started on two follow-up prequels for release in 2008 and 2010.

    This film opens the…

  • Lemon Tree

    Lemon Tree

    Jonathan White


    March Around the World 2018 edition

    Film #10 - Israel

    As this year’s 30 Countries draws to a close, I wanted to sneak in a final film that would at least get me to 10 … one third of the challenge. I was also craving a Middle Eastern film, as we haven’t gotten round to one in this, for us, abbreviated challenge. Lise was going to pass on final one in order to get some last minute challenge spreadsheet work…

  • The Name of a River

    The Name of a River



    March Around the World: Bangladesh

    The Name of a River is a beautiful, poetic, and abstract story about Bangladeshi refugees sailing into a world of the unknown. The story is a reflection of colonialism and is about the search for a place in the world, as well as how we connect to each other through love and shared mythology.

  • Forbidden Games

    Forbidden Games



    Around The World in 30 Films – 2018 Challenge

    Featured Country: France

    There are two primary themes that stand out to me in Forbidden Games, war and death as seen through the eyes of children.

    The opening sequence sets the background of war. Similar to Saving Private Ryan, the first few minutes of Forbidden Games is a difficult watch. Even though it is nowhere near as graphic, the emotional gravity of the violence in Forbidden Games has the same level…