• Ogroff
  • Criminally Insane
  • Don't Go In the Woods
  • Dementia
  • I Eat Your Skin

Adam Mudman's A-List


AdamMudman 130 films

All of the films reviewed on Adam Mudman's A-List so far. mudmansalist.blogspot.com/

  • Gravity
  • The Revenant
  • Forrest Gump
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens
  • Deadpool

Movies Where Characters Breathe Heavily


NattyBoi 5 films

This can basically be applied to any thriller type movie but there are exceptions. If you've seen these movies you'll…

  • 3 Ninjas
  • 3 Ninjas Kick Back
  • 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up
  • 3 Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain
  • 9 1/2 Ninjas!
  • The Book Thief
  • Meet Joe Black
  • The Iron Giant
  • Woman in Gold
  • Dorian Gray
  • Singin' in the Rain
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • Some Like It Hot
  • Airplane!
  • The Empire Strikes Back

Top 100 Favourite Movies

Angus Castle

Angus Castle 100 films

The order constantly changes btw

  • The Last King of Scotland
  • Alpha Dog
  • Half Nelson
  • Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy
  • The Whistleblower

The Most Underrated Movies ever made


addieknox31 7 films

Overlooked but really good films

  • Before Night Falls
  • Steal This Movie
  • The Big Short
  • Woman in Gold
  • The Infiltrator

The Best Biography Movies you have to watch


addieknox31 7 films

Interesting stories you should not miss out

  • Candyman
  • The People Under the Stairs
  • The Addiction
  • Needful Things
  • Flatliners

The Best and Scariest Movies of the 90s


addieknox31 7 films

Horror movies from the 90s

  • Lincoln
  • Wag the Dog
  • The Ides of March
  • Charlie Wilson's War
  • Syriana
  • The World's End
  • Serenity
  • Monsters
  • The Martian
  • Coherence

Cool Sci Fi and Futuristic Movies to enjoy


addieknox31 7 films

You don’t want to miss these movies again

  • Hollow Man
  • Resident Evil
  • The Tuxedo
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 1
  • Kill Bill: Vol. 2
  • Moonstruck
  • Glengarry Glen Ross
  • The Gold Rush
  • Modern Times
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens

The Wages of Cinema - ALL THE FILMS

Jack Gattanella

Jack Gattanella 938 films

I've decided to try to catalog, to the best of my ability, all of the films discussed on my podcast,…