• Moonlight
  • Arrival
  • Swiss Army Man
  • Everybody Wants Some!!
  • The Nice Guys
  • The Lobster
  • Enemy
  • Room
  • Ex Machina
  • Slow West

A24 Films Ranked


Phips 22 films

A24 Films really is on a roll right now. I feel like I find myself saying that more and more…

  • Moonlight
  • Green Room
  • Zootopia
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Deadpool
  • Taxi Driver
  • GoodFellas
  • Raging Bull
  • The Wolf of Wall Street
  • The Aviator

Top 10 Martin Scorsese Films

Matt Greene

Matt Greene 10 films

Amsterdam Vallon: "When you kill a king, you don't stab him in the dark. You kill him where the entire…

  • Arrival
  • Kubo and the Two Strings
  • Hell or High Water
  • La La Land
  • Nocturnal Animals

Favorite Films: 89th Academy Awards

Shawn Stubbs

Shawn Stubbs 45 films

This is a ranked list of all the nominees for the 89th Academy Awards that I have seen.

  • In Bruges
  • Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2
  • Frozen
  • Road to Perdition
  • Silence

Top 5 Ciaran Hinds Movies

Matt Greene

Matt Greene 5 films

Father Alessandro Valignano: "An army of two..."

  • Fargo
  • High and Low
  • Vertigo
  • Synecdoche, New York
  • Raging Bull

My 75 favorite films


Oliver 75 films

Here are 75 films I personally love the most out of what I'd seen. I highly recommend all of them.

  • The Adventures of Robin Hood
  • It Happened One Night
  • Mutiny on the Bounty
  • Double Indemnity
  • Ben-Hur

My 1000 Favorite Movies (so far)

Khris Graves

Khris Graves 315 films

Decided to copy Edgar Wright and my own favorite 1000 list. It'll take a long time to hit that number…

  • On the Waterfront
  • The Grapes of Wrath
  • A Fish Called Wanda
  • It's a Wonderful Life
  • The Wizard of Oz

Top 420 Films


Emma 424 films

These are my 420 favorite films. They are not necessarily the most well-done films ever made, but they are the…

  • Pulp Fiction
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  • Die Hard
  • Blade Runner
  • A Clockwork Orange

Top 100 Favorite Films


Matt 100 films

My personal top 100 favorite films at the moment. Let me be clear: these are MY FAVORITES. Not the movies…

  • Once Upon a Time in America
  • Chinatown
  • Singin' in the Rain
  • Modern Times
  • Psycho

My Top 100 Favorite Films of All-Time

This list can also be found on IMDb: www.imdb.com/list/ls031708001/ on IMDb this list is more detailed w/ reviews added to…

  • The Ballad of Narayama
  • Mamma Roma
  • Sorcerer
  • The Edge of Heaven
  • In the Heat of the Night