A Place in the Sun ★★★★

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This must be the third or fourth time I've watched this, and it gets better with every viewing. The cast, the directing, the story are all top notch. In many respects, it is every single guy's worst nightmare -- to have a pregnant girlfriend (Shelly Winters) who you don't love pressing for marriage when you're being pursued by a wealthy, vivacious heiress (Elizabeth Taylor) that you do love. It's definitely one of Monty's best roles, and I forgot Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) was in it, albeit as prosecuting district attorney R. Frank Marlowe.

Nine Oscar nominations, six wins and a Golden Globe for Best Picture -- that's an impressive result, as was placing 8th among the top-grossing films for 1951 with $4.2 in revenue against a budget of $2.3 million. Director George Stevens even got a nomination for the Grand Prize of the Festival at Cannes, and the film was rated #92 on AFI's original list of the "100 Greatest American Movies of All Time" (1998).

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