Niagara ★★★½

Part of My Autumn Rewatches 6.1 Challenge
Task #2: Rewatch a film from your birth decade.

This was the first film for which Marilyn Monroe received top billing and her first film in Technicolor. It is also one of her few roles as an antagonist. She plays unhappily married Rose Loomis, who is scheming to kill off her mentally unbalanced husband George (Joseph Cotten), a failed pig farmer. Director Henry Hathaway gives us plenty of opportunities to admire the natural beauty of the famous falls straddling the US-Canada border, but it is the natural beauty of Monroe upon which the camera seems most focused. Good supporting role for Jean Peters as honeymooning Polly Cutler, even if her hubbie Ray (Max Showalter) is a bit of an oaf. Three and a half stars = Very Good!

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