Paranormal Whacktivity

Paranormal Whacktivity ½

Yup, this exists. Sighs...another godawful cringe fest spoof film. At least you get to see some titties and lesbians kiss. Doesn't save the film. I guess you might get a chuckle but I didn't get shit other than a headache and being bored to death.

Why? Why? Why did I watch this crap? I should have just finished the Metallica St Anger documentary. Lars and James arguing had more action, drama, emotion etc.
Slipknot No. 0 Sid with his alien dialect is 10 times funnier. Hell even Slipknot No. 5 Craig managed to be funny and he doesn't even talk.

I know I'm going off topic. Sorry. What else is there to say? You can pretty guess what's gonna happen. Oh look a wannabe Winston Ghostbusters....laaaaame. Demon wants to fuck a I'm impressed.
It was kinda sad to know the 2 leads didn't do anything else after this horrendous crap.

Sighs, fuck this film. Stay miles away from this as well. Just go out for a walk, put on your headphones, blast the shit out of Bullet Train and hope Rob Halford or Ripper Owens show up as the conductor. Ride that train and cause destruction.

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