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  • They Shall Not Grow Old

    They Shall Not Grow Old

    Should have been way shorter and here’s why. I get that they don’t have hand-to-hand combat footage but having period magazine sketches and the same three shots reused for 20 minutes felt very History Channel. It turned a powerful experience into a class presentation. I don’t think anyone who hasn’t been in combat (which includes myself) can ever truly grasp its horror so why spend so much time telling it when you could be showing so many other important things.…

  • Alphaville


    Equal parts brilliant and infuriating. For a movie that requires you to flex your imagination to almost insane levels, it feels the need to beat you over the head with high school philosophies. Definitely watch it though if you have time for that kinda thing

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  • Avengers: Infinity War

    Avengers: Infinity War

    It’s so fucked up that Marvel has manipulated us over the past 10 years to give a shit about a 2+ hour plotless film of people just meeting for the first time.  Its hardly a movie at all, but that’s what makes it genius. It was made for the people. It was made for you. It was made for me. Holy shit. Remember when they saw the guy on the planet. What the fuck was this movie

  • Doctor Strange

    Doctor Strange

    I just barely enjoyed it enough to say I liked it. Second time around I knew how bad it was gonna be so I just let myself have fun with all the magic fights and stuff moving. The biggest problem still remains and it’s a secret Lee and Ditko have been keeping for years; Dr Strange is literally the least interesting character in the marvel roster. There’s a reason none of his tv or comic series’s have lasted. And somehow…