• Into the Wild

    Into the Wild


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Excruciating. If you want to see a self-obsessed white kid suicide-by-wilderness, watch Grizzly Man instead.

  • About Time

    About Time


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The Ginger Hugh Grant looks like he's constantly 12, but maybe that's a side effect of all the time travelling. I was told the poster was worse than the film, and it is, but I can't help thinking I'd rather hadn't got my expectations up.

  • Beginners



    The dog was good

  • The Hills Have Eyes

    The Hills Have Eyes


    Neutered liberal cell-phone salesman learns to embrace violence.

  • Encounters at the End of the World

    Encounters at the End of the World


    After seeing Encounters at the End of the World I've made a resolution to watch all Herzog's films. Although it feels like the director wants to leave an impression that he has no faith in humanity, this beautiful piece of film making proves him wrong. Wonderful

  • True Grit

    True Grit


    All westerns should be seen in the cinema on as big a screen as possible. Maybe if I hadn't watched this in my living room I'd been more captivated by what should have, considering the ingredients, been a great film.

  • The Adventures of Tintin

    The Adventures of Tintin


    Being a little bit of a Tintin aficionado I was worried about this film. It was better than I thought it would be, Jamie Bell was particularly good as the young reporter, and the obligatory Spielbergian action sequences were pushing the boundaries of acceptable taste only once or twice. Not a bad adaptation.

  • Dogtown and Z-Boys

    Dogtown and Z-Boys


    As an aside, the real star of this movie is the photographer Craig Stecyc who was documenting the Z-Boys back in the day. If his photographs and his writing for Skateboarder Magazine in the mid 70s weren't there, the worldwide explosive growth of skateboarding might have looked very different, and this movie would have never been made.

    A thoroughly enjoyable documentary.

  • Lords of Dogtown

    Lords of Dogtown


    I really liked this movie. It's really just a just-above average biopic, but there's something about it that captures something that feels authentic to an outside observer.

    Thought I maybe made a mistake by watching it before Dogtown and Z-Boys, but having watched the first 5 minutes of the latter I think I made the right choice. Dogtown and Z-Boys seems to be the brilliant DVD extras to the feature, extras which just might turn out to be far more memorable and worthwhile than the feature itself.

  • Water for Elephants

    Water for Elephants


    Dumbo without the flying bits

  • Moon



    Nice, unassuming ensemble piece.

  • Midnight in Paris

    Midnight in Paris


    On-form Woody Allen exploring the subject of nostalgia. Thoroughly enjoyable.