Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

Remember Ghost Rider? Remember that shit? That shit was shit. That shit was so shit it sucked a fuck through some bullshit and shat out more shit that fucking sucked. I saw the first one with some chick I knew back in the day when shit sucked and I was all like well fuck everything. That chick is now my wife and I'm getting fucking divorced because I suspect she's somehow responsible for putting this shit in front of me and I ain't having that shit. Fuck that. This shit's even worse than that first turd, and Cage shits me off with his crazy eyed bullshit and slack jawed horseshit and phoned-in beaver shit that comprises two parts fresh cut timber and the kind of territory-marking diahorretic hippo shit that inexplicably found its way into the digestive tract of the aforementioned beaver before being shat out and filmed for like 95 minutes or some shit.

Fuck man. Give it a miss.