Deadpool ★★

I had absolutely no intention of seeing this movie but I promise I went in with an open mind and a willing spirit. It was... fine? My worry going in was that it seemed like a kindred spirit to "Kick-Ass" or "Kingsman", films that I had moderate to extreme distaste for. I liked "Deadpool" MUCH more than either of those movies: whereas those felt joylessly transgressive and mean-spirited, this movie was decidedly coming from a less ugly place. Instead, much to my surprise, my problem was that this film didn't feel subversive ~enough~. The word was it was going to pull the rug out from Marvel, shake the superhero genre to its core and I felt none of that.

The fourth wall breaks are fun and cute but used sparingly, the meta references range from eye-rolly to mildly amusing and other than some top-shelf swears, a few breasts and the occasional decapitation, it was kind of just a basic comic origin story and a generic one at that.

The opening credits sequence was hands down my favorite part of the film and if the rest of it had carried on with that gleefully defiant, winking tone I would've eaten it up. It just didn't feel any different to me and I truly wish it had. It's an easy watch and I was entertained but I wanted more.

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