Hail, Caesar! ★★★★

"Hail, Caesar!" or "That Time The Coens Coen'd So Hard Most People Didn't Know What To Do With It!"

This movie was far from what I expected and yet still as fantastic as I'd dared to dream. On the surface it's not as weighty or endearingly soul-crushing as their usual fare and that's the genius of it: you spend the running time giggling at the Hollywood homages and satire and it's not until the ride home when you start out talking with your companions about the film and end up ruminating on faith, religion, art and ideology (and how and when any or all of those intersect) that you realize The Coens were up to their usual tricks, just in a sneakier, much more jolly fashion. Bravo.

P.S. "No Dames!" may legitimately be the happiest I have ever been watching a movie.

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