Sunshine Cleaning ★★

Amy Adams and Emily Blunt are two of the most intriguing, talented young actresses working at the moment and the duo do all that they can do make this a better movie than it is, but sadly, it was not to be. Both women give superb performances, with Adams showing a range of depth and darkness that her previous work has only hinted at and Blunt taking a stereotypical "misfit" character and running with it to great effect. The supporting cast is equally effective, with Mary-Lynn Rajskub's rarely-seen dramatic acting chops on full display and Alan Arkin's "curmudgeonly old man with a heart of gold and head full of wisdom" chops played nicely as well. The film was sold as a "dark comedy," but light or dark, the comedy just isn't all that funny. As a drama, there are some nice moments but they are unfortunately canceled out by bouts of heavy-handedness, predictability and goofy attempts at profundity.