WALL·E ★★★★★

This movie was a delightful surprise, even to a Pixar enthusiast like myself. Who'd have thought that the most emotional film of the year would be about a pair of robots? I don't think this irony was lost on anyone. The film tackles a lot of big issues for a supposed kids' movie, and offers up some smart and interesting commentary on environmentalism and consumerism. Simply presented without being cheesy, statements made without being preachy, it achieves what many filmmakers find it impossible to do: to make a movie with a message instead of making a MESSAGE!movie. Amidst all the social platforms and nuances, of course, is a love story and a beautiful one at that. And on top of all that, the movie is a technical marvel, with pristine animation and an often innovative presentation. Nearly a third of the movie is dialogue-free but you don't even notice it as the movie effortlessly transports you to Andrew Stanton's vision of Earth's future. What a film.