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  • Those People

    Those People


    I was surprised how good this movie was.

    In the beginning you feel like you're watching a scene from Glee set in 19th-century England, something from James Ivory's Maurice, even though the movie is set in New York, Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side.

    Beautifully shot and acted with a touch of melodrama that never becomes ridiculous, it is the story of a friendship between two sexy twenty-something gay men, the adorable puppy-looking Charlie, who is a painter, and Sebastian, the…

  • Cuadecuc, Vampir

    Cuadecuc, Vampir


    This is an awesome cinematic experience, one of those extremely rare occasions in which you realize that cinema can be something you couldn't possibly expect.

    An easy, and inaccurate, way of synthesizing this film is to say that it is a black-and-white documentary shot during the making of a vampire movie, Jesus Franco's Count Dracula, starring Christopher Lee in the role of the famous undead. Shot in Spain in 1970 during the last phase of Franco's dictatorship, Cuadecuc Vampir (caudecuc…