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  • August at Akiko's

    August at Akiko's


    Beautiful film, beautitul

  • The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea

    The Miracle of the Sargasso Sea


    Well-done drama, thriller, excellent performances, it's a film that makes you feel the atmosphere of the places where the plot unfolds. It's a rare thriller, much much better than the tons of Hollywood American junk we love to watch on TV.
    The dream-like 'Gospel' scenes make no sense whatsoever, apart from a pretty obvious moralism if compared to the home videos of the violent, abusive orgies.

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  • The Room

    The Room

    I will never forget the experience I had tonight at the legendary Music Box theater in Chicago. At midnight I saw a movie that was so immensely awful that the audience turned the screening into a public performance in which hundreds of plastic spoons were thrown at the screen, frat boys ran around the theater reenacting scenes on the screen, and in sync the whole theater yelled at the movie, as the audience in the colosseum in Rome would scream…

  • Those People

    Those People


    I was surprised how good this movie was.

    In the beginning you feel like you're watching a scene from Glee set in 19th-century England, something from James Ivory's Maurice, even though the movie is set in New York, Manhattan's wealthy Upper East Side.

    Beautifully shot and acted with a touch of melodrama that never becomes ridiculous, it is the story of a friendship between two sexy twenty-something gay men, the adorable puppy-looking Charlie, who is a painter, and Sebastian, the…