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  • Escape Plan

    Escape Plan


    Actually really enjoyable, if a little convoluted. I thought Arnie was on good form here, and that shot of him tooling up with the machine gun did bring goosebumps like the Arnie of old. Even Sly acted well. If only Jim Caviezel would speak a little louder then I could've understood what was going on more.
    Mindless fun.

  • It



    What a mess this was. The source material and all its creepiness is sacrificed for overblown setpieces where horror is nowhere to be found. The Losers Club are reduced to completely unendearing characters that have no obvious bond. And poor Bill Skarsgard tries his best to terrify but ends up looking like a cartoon, especially when subjected to frankly bizarre special effects. Even Henry Bowers, who showed such evil promise, is tossed aside in a very uneventful way.
    Coming from…

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  • Eye in the Sky

    Eye in the Sky


    Surprisingly tense and chock full of moral ambiguity. It raises questions that many of us don't have the answers to regarding modern warfare, or at least, we don't want to think about the answers. Great performances all round, particularly from Aaron Paul and Helen Mirren. It could have done without that subplot involving Iain Glen and the toilet though.

  • Get Out

    Get Out


    One of the more interesting modern "horrors" of recent years. But for me it was let down by the utterly ridiculous final quarter. Up until that point the film is perfect. Horrific yet funny, and jammed with great performances. However that's all tarnished by the nonsensical plot. But the director is definitely one to watch.