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Still from Joe Dante’s Gremlins (1984)

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  • The Autopsy of Jane Doe

    The Autopsy of Jane Doe


    I like getting a little surprise watching a film, especially one you have zero expectations about when you go in.
    Creepy, atmospheric, and for once in a modern horror film - original. I was completely invested in the characters and plot until the slightly muddled final act, but I was impressed overall.

  • Baby Driver

    Baby Driver


    God, that was irritating...
    Edgar Wright gets worse with every film I swear.
    Had some amazing driving in it though.

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  • The Wailing

    The Wailing


    Complex, atmospheric, and emotional, this is one of the best horror/thrillers I've seen in recent years. Startling performances, an original plot that always keeps you guessing, and - a rare thing these days - justifies every minute of its lengthy running time.

  • Beach Rats

    Beach Rats


    Looks lovely and features excellent performances, but does Beach Rats have anything new to say? It's not that every film should have an agenda but the ground has been well covered here. However Harris Dickinson is definitely one to watch.