A Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy ★★★★

Though one of Woody Allen's worst films I have seen so far, and the only one to be nominated for a Razzie), it still has tons of charm and is worth a watch. I consider this the third film in his 'Ingmar Bergman trilogy', after the jestful 'Love and Death' and the very serious and introspective 'Interiors', as it's his ode to one of my favourite of Bergman's films, that rare comedy (for him), 'Smiles of a Summer Night'. The actresses in this sophisticated attempt at a secluded free-for-all were great, particularly Julie Hagerty and Mary Steenburgen, whom I always love to see, and José Ferrer (whose work I usually abhor) and longtime Woody-actor Tony Roberts were marvelous.

Mia Farrow was nominated for the Worst Actress Razzie (she 'lost' to Pia Zadora for 'Butterfly'), but Woody saw something in this first attempt, as she would later star in twelve more of his films. Worth one watch, if you like sophisticated romantic comedies, but I would definitely recommend a purchase and re-watches for those who, like me, significantly admire the Bronx-native's work.