I Was Born, But...

I Was Born, But... ★★★★★

Ozu is my favourite director because of his embarrassment of riches: Just when you figure you have found a so-called 'favourite film' of his, you throw on another one of his films and realize, hey, it's just as good. It took me the longest time to watch any of the movies from his three Eclipse Series from The Criterion Collection because I was biased by the prejudice that since each of the films enclosed hadn't merited a 'spine number' and blu ray release, that it just couldn't be as noteworthy. But all three (Ozu's the only director to have such an honour) are chock full of masterpieces. Apparently this was the original that his 'Good Morning' remade (which was the first Ozu I ever bought, so it remains a sentimental favourite, if nothing else), but aside from a couple of similar traits, they're as quite different as Sir Alfred Hitchcock's two versions of 'The Man Who Knew Too Much', for example.

Still, if you ever wanted to check out the works of Ozu yet didn't know where to start, the three Eclipse sets are well worth your while. The eleven films therein are inexpensive, and it would prove a great primer for you of his work, the three cleverly bookending his prestigious career. Then if you found he was definitely worth more pursuit and investigation, the spine-numbered releases from the Collection would prove most rewarding, and just around the corner, for a most intrinsically rewarding study of one of the titans of world cinema.