Mars Attacks! ★★★½

This is definitely an interesting film for me, and I am a Tim Burton aficionado, but I have a hard time with this kind of sci-fi, it's just not my style, and thus, with the possible exception of his 'Planet of the Apes' remake, this is my least-favourite film of his. Still highly enjoyable--and there's no one on Earth who could or would have made this other than the Burbank-native--but not one I'd consider re-watching very often. The first thing you think of when you consider the film is, 'THAT CAST! Oh, the incredible, remarkable film you could make with those actors!' Then the next thought is invariably, 'why, oh why, are they wasted on this?' Definitely Burton-lite, and it's certainly a decent popcorn watch for the entire family, if the kids are older, mind you...though I could easily rattle off a thousand other movies that would be MUCH more deserving of that 106 precious minutes of your time.