The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

questions i have for this movie 
1. why did mark’s shitty blog have any followers besides wardo. and does erica’s roommate just read it for fun
2. why did they make one of the winklevii SO much scarier than the other 
3. why did the fluffy winklevoss say “love you dad” on a call to his lawyer
4. why did stanford amy know who invented napster was that just common knowledge for french majors. and why was she still impressed even after sean said he’s broke
5. if sean’s broke how did he pay for dinner
6. how did marks clothes dry so fast after he was in the pool
7. is it gay on purpose or were jesse eisenberg and andrew garfield just in love in real life 
8. why didn’t dustin get more screen time when he’s the STAR of the movie

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