Wild at Heart ★★★★

I've now had a couple of days to finally relax and process through this "big gulp" of a movie and concluded that it's really quite good. This was my third spell with David Lynch and boy was it something. It might not be as incredible as "Blue Velvet" or "Mulholland Dr.", but "Wild At Heart" still makes for a fantastic film. This is a very blunt and unforgiving film about love and the menacing road it takes us on. While I think many will get cough up in the process of deciphering the bazaar scenes (which their are several), the message is simple, the love stories in life are remembered through the crazy occurrences we're thrown into. It may sound too simple, but think about your life with the people you love. It's hard not to remember or reminisce about the crazy experiences you've had together. This film captures those experiences in a very strange, but honest approach. What grabbed me the most though, was the stunning performances' by both Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern. This is the role Cage was made to play, an the Elvis wannabe, "Sailor Ripley" who is able to let of steam by pulling his car over to blast grind-core music while screaming and slam-dancing in the dirt. I imagine he does this often in his spare time because it's just so fitting for the man Nicolas Cage has become over the years. And Laura Dern plays Cages' perfect counter part as the bubble gum blonde "Lula" who truly steals every moment of this film, she really is a remarkable actress. This is without a doubt a Lynch film with his name clearly stamped on every scene. While most know that might not be the most accessible or enjoyable experience, but take my word, if you're able to swallow all this movie explore (and boy was it a lot) I promise you'll see the true and authentic love that Lynch has created with "Wild At Heart."