Programming Picks: Melanie Addington's Must-Sees at #Tallgrass2021

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Get to know our Executive Director Melanie Addington ahead of this year's festival as she breaks down her Top 8 must-see films and shares what stubbornly independent means to her. Read more below!

What are your Top 8 can't miss films at this year's festival?

Not Going Quietly
Miracle Valley
18 1/2
Cat Daddies
Queens of Pain
Moon Manor
This is Not a War Story

What are your top 3 favorite films of all time? 
Howard the Duck, Godfather II, and Castle in the Sky. This answer can change instantly depending on my film mood as a Top 3 is impossible.

What makes a film #stubbornlyindependent to you?
For me, it is about the filmmaker not using the low budget as a calling card to get hired by a studio later but someone who truly believes in the spirit of DIY and commits to making films their way. So many great filmmakers have carved out a stubbornly independent path.

The 19th Anual Tallgrass Film Festival kicks off on Wednesday, October 20th and will be held in Wichita, KS through October 24th, with a virtual component to follow through October 29th. Learn more and grab your tickets and passes at